Miso Soup!

I’m obsessed with anything Japanese: culture, anime, language, movies, fictional characters, any type of kawaii merchandise, and last but not least food!

I was quite excited to find some miso paste at the grocery store. The brand is Marukome and the miso paste is labelled as all natural, from non-gmo soybeans, without additives, artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, msg, and trans fats. The only ingredient is fermented soybeans.

Given that I’m also obsessed with eating healthy and I am terribly sensitive to additives like msg (we’re talking about extreme and unpleasant reactions here), this was quite a find!

It’s low calorie and easy to make, I see it as kind of a savory alternative to tea; the only downside is the sodium content, which is not super high, but not super low either (710mg per tbsp, which is roughly 30% of your recommended daily intake). They also make a low sodium version of their miso paste (which, to be honest, doesn’t taste as good).

The recipe is quite easy: tofu, green onions, nori, and miso paste. Start by boiling however much water you want (for one serving I usually do 2-3 cups), add tofu cut into squares, cook for 3 minutes, add nori cut into squares, cook for 2 minutes, turn off the heat, and add one tablespoon of miso paste and chopped green onions, let sit for 1 minute stirring occasionally to make the miso paste dissolve.

Tips: make sure to add the miso paste when the water is not boiling, otherwise miso will lose its probiotic properties; get unseasoned and possibly unbaked nori, otherwise it will come apart while your boiling it instead of keeping the shape you cut it into.

FraΒ β™‘

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