Halloween DIY

Happy almost Halloween! This year, unfortunately, I didn’t get the change of dressing up for Halloween; but, after watching Stranger Things 2, I realized that one of my cats kind of looks like a demodog, so I decided to put together a costume for her and it came out pretty cute! Check it out:

It wasn’t too difficult to make, I just ran out to get a few supplies and put it together in less than two hours. I’ll explain all of the steps below!

All the supplies I bought (except for scissors and measuring tape, which I already had) cost only $16. I ended up not using the glitter glue because I tested it and it took too long to dry. You’re going to need 4 pieces of brown felt, 1 piece of ivory felt (I bought two but only used one), fabric glue, a sewing kit, scissors, measuring tape, chalk, and something to attach the fabric to (I used a chenille stem, but you can use a collar, or anything that you can put on your pet’s neck).


I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I decided to draw the design by looking at pictures of demodogs. I noticed that they have four big mouth/leaf pieces (?) on the sides of their face, one medium on top, and one small on the bottom. I measured my cat’s neck and made sure to pick a size for the bottom of each mouth/leaf pieces that would fit on the stem; then I drew the design on the brown felt, and cut out the pieces.

I cut up the ivory felt into little triangles for the teeth, which took for ever because my scissors were kind of dull, then I attached them to each mouth/leaf piece following a pattern (if you look on Stranger Things, the teeth are arranged in rows, sort of).

Finally, I wrapped the bottom of each mouth/leaf piece around the stem and sewed them together. You don’t need to know how to sew well to do it, it was really easy to put the pieces together; you could also use fabric glue, I just didn’t want to wait for it to dry.


The final step is to get your pet to wear it! Honestly, my cat hated it… so I only put it on her for 5 minutes to take some cute pics, but maybe a dog or a chiller cat would be fine with wearing it longer!

One last thing that I need to point out is that even if felt looks rigid, it’s actually quite flimsy, so it tends to get droopy. This is a problem that can be easily fixed by taping or glueing something hard to the back of theΒ mouth/leaf pieces. I had some thick metal wire, which I added to the back of the mouth/leaf pieces in order to make them stay up straight, but you can use anything that can help hold the shape!

I hope you enjoyed seeing Ebe in her spooky Halloween costume! Let me know if you try putting this costume together or if you have any suggestions on other fun crafts that I could try!

Fra β™‘

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