Housewarming DIY gift basket

A friend of mine recently bought a house, so I decided to put together a housewarming basket! This is what I started with:


and this is the finished basket:


While shopping for the items I had some rules: first, some items had to have something to do with the mountains and Colorado, because I know my friend likes them; then, some had to be things that I would also use, because I wanted my personal taste to be reflected in what I bought; third, some had to be fall/winter inspired because I wanted some sort of seasonal theme; and last, some had to be DIYs, because I wanted the gift basket to be more personal, and not look like something I bought pre-made.

Here’s a breakdown of what is in the basket:

1. Owl-shaped spoon holder: this really cute owl reminded me of the mountains, so I decided to get it; I also know that my friend like owls; plus, spoon holders are a nice addition to the kitchen!

2. Cookies in a mug: I used a chocolate chip cookie recipe I came up with; I added the dry ingredients to a mason jar, included instructions on how to make them, and wrote the content on the jar with chalk.

3. Potpourri: I put a few “seasonal” spices (cinnamon, cloves, star anise) in a clear box with some orange peel and essential oils; these are the same spices I use to make mulled wine in the winter, so, to me, they’re pretty winter-y.

20171115_160509.jpg 20171115_160432-e1510866470483.jpg 20171115_160607-e1510866538302.jpg

4. Faux succulent: a few months ago, I made a some faux succulents to put around my house and some to give my friends; I love faux plants (I have so many in my apartment!), so I thought I would include one.

5. Frame: I saw this frame and I really liked the style, so I decided to get it… you can never have too many frames! I didn’t want to leave the frame empty, but I also didn’t have a nice picture to put in it, so I just printed a picture of a deer that I took here in CO.

6. Coasters: these rustic coasters are very simple and mountain-y, they are sections of tree trunks and look really cute. Initially, I wanted to varnish or paint them, but then I changed my mind because I thought they fit in the basket as they were.

20171115_160303-e1510866871373.jpg 20171116_141124 20171115_160448-e1510867067577.jpg

7. Mixed nuts: I wasn’t initially planning to add mixed nuts (which I had bought for myself last week), but then I remembered that I had cute bags that had the same design as the frame I bought, so I decided to include the nuts.

8. Robin coat-hanger/key-holder: my friend loves robins, this one caught my attention and I decided to get it. I think it would look really good at the entrance of the house as a key-holder.

9. Scented candle: my friend said he likes the scent of pine trees, so I looked for a candle to get him and I found this pineberry woods scented one. I wasn’t quite sure if the color would match the other items in the basket, but I decided to get it anyway because I really liked the smell. It ended up looking nice in it!

20171115_160348-e1510867146952.jpg 20171115_160219-e1510867202574.jpg 20171115_160533-e1510867254618.jpg

10. Chocolate bar: this chocolate is made in Boulder, CO, and I know my friend would really enjoy it, plus the bright color makes it a nice addition to the basket!

11. Wooden decorations: I bought two small decorations: one says “home,” which I think fits well in the basket, since it’s a housewarming gift; and another that is deer-shaped, because of the mountain/CO theme of the basket. I simply painted them to match my color scheme.

20171115_160146-e1510867397558.jpg 20171115_164603-e1510867431817.jpg

This was the very first basket I ever put together. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t turn out nice, but I’m quite happy with the result! I had a ton of fun making it; it didn’t cost me too much time or money, but at the same time I think it’s a nice gift that my friend is going to enjoy. I feel putting effort into creating something original, personal, and thoughtful is worth way more than stopping at a store and buying something.

I hope you enjoyed my DIY, let me know if you try it or if you have any basket-making ideas for my next one!

Fra ♡

P.s. I made a video of my gift basket DIY. I’ve already edited it, but I’m not sure I’m going to post it because it didn’t really come out as I hoped it would. Still, if you’d like to stay updated on my latest recipes, trips, and DIYs please subscribe to my YouTube channel: An Italian Overseas, you’ll find the links on the main page of my blog. Thank you!


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