Latest Crafts!

Hi everyone! I have been really busy getting ready for Christmas: -17 days! So I thought I’d share with you what I’ve been up to (see what I did there?)…

First: Christmas decorations!

I got a fake tree and a wreath, decorated them with a bunch of cute little decorations, got and wrapped present, and put together a few decorations (hot glue FTW). I really wanted to do more, but I’m a bit on a budget, so I had to restrain myself!

20171208_104846 20171124_144327 20171124_152059

20171208_105743 20171208_105755

Second: Baby blankets!

Two friends recently had babies, so I tried to crochet two baby blankies. It has been a bit of a struggle because my crochet and sewing skills are not the best, but I did my best and they came out cute (kind of asymmetrical, count your stitches, guys, but still cute). They kind of look the same from the pictures, but the first one is regular yarn, while the second one is fuzzy yarn (which, btw, is a huge pain to crochet).

20171121_171630 20171121_210210 20171122_125916

20171123_121708 20171123_163739 20171130_110816

20171205_115710 Screenshot_20171208-120008

Third: Candle making!

I got REALLY into candle making! I’ve been trying to come up with all natural candles, without any synthetic fragrances. I’m using soy wax, essential oils, and wooden wicks. I’m still experimenting to get a stronger scent, but I’m really enjoying myself. If I nail a recipe, I think I’ll start selling them!

20171203_141611 20171203_191531

So, yup, this is all for now! I have a few fun DIYs and post ideas for the future, so stay tuned! And remember that I usually also post one video a week on my YouTube channel:

An Italian Overseas

Fra ♡

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