January 2018 – updates!

Hi guys & gals!

I can’t believe I haven’t uploaded a YouTube video in a month! I have had so many video ideas lately, but I have been really busy with random things such as keeping up with my new year’s “resolutions“, planning my wedding, job training, recovering from stupid gym injuries, and figuring out life.

So I thought I’d write a blog post update on what I’ve been up to!

New Year’s Resolutions!

Spoiler alert: lots of adulting – man, I’m getting old! These are just a few ways I’m trying to improve some aspects of my life, without being too fixated on them. Some have yet to be implemented!

Staying hydrated: I live in a really dry place, so instead of 64 oz of water a day, I should actually drink 100. Well… there’s no way I’m doing that, so I’ve been trying to drink as much as I can! I track my water consumption with either FitBit or MyFitness Pal apps. I’ve been able to get around 80 oz on most days. I always bring with me a 20 oz water bottle. I chug 20 oz first thing in the morning before breakfast, I drink 10 oz of green tea for breakfast, ginger and turmeric herbal tea twice a day (20 oz), and I try drinking as much as I can during meals. It was a bit annoying to log everything in the beginning, but I got used to it in about a week! As a result, my skin looks nicer and I feel a lot better!

Not overdoing the gym: I used to go to the gym everyday and lift more than my body was comfortable lifting, which resulted in lots of injuries, from some of which I’m still recovering! I decided to take it easy and just go 3-4 times a week, lifting lighter weights, and running more.

Tracking nutrients: okay… this is tricky. I started using MyFitness Pal to log my meals and track nutrients. Pros: I learned that I tend to eat too many carbs, too little fats, and not get enough potassium, calcium, and iron; so I made a few changes to my diet: pumpkin seeds for iron and fats, bananas for potassium, Tum’s for calcium (yup, they can be used as calcium supplements). Cons: I am now too conscious of how many calories I eat a day; which means that I stick to 1600 calories a day and I’m often checking how many calories a certain food has when deciding to eat it or not.

Saving money: this is a bit hard, given that I’m planning my wedding and I legit just dropped $800 on wedding dress alterations… BUT I’m now keeping a monthly spreadsheet where I type all my expenses and every single item I buy. This allows me to see how much per month I am spending in groceries, gas, fun, restaurants, and so on. Every month I can look back at what I spent and figure out where I can cut a bit, what unnecessary items I bought, and I’m more conscious of what I spend. I actually started doing this in November and I was able to save about $200 in December and $300 in January! I think it’s working.

Tracking sleep: I have been struggling with insomnia for a few years now. For the past month, I’ve been using my Fit Bit every night to track how much I sleep and how much time I spend in each sleep phase (REM, light, deep). I found out that, even if I go to sleep at 10 pm and wake up at 10 am, I still sleep only 7.5-8 hours; forcing myself to go to sleep early doesn’t really help me because, no matter what, I always sleep the same number of hours. I also found out that my insomnia usually lasts 2-3 days every two weeks, and in those nights I still sleep 3-4 hours, even if I feel like I’m not sleeping at all. I’m still investigating the causes of it – probs stress/anxiety!

Adding more content to YouTube: yet to be implemented! My YouTube channel has been featuring basically only Italian “special” recipes, i.e. recipes for dishes that people don’t eat often, but usually just in special occasions. I want to start uploading videos about food in the US vs Europe, healthy recipes, food prep, general info about living in the U.S.; and I want to keep posting videos once a week (yup, I know, I’m behind).

I think I covered everything! I hope you are also taking advantage of the new year to improve your life. Let me know what your new year’s resolutions are and how are you keeping up with them, I’d love to read them!

FraΒ β™‘

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